Ready For Your Close Up?

Behind the scenes and in front of the camera, I make celebrities look and feel good. I can do the same for you. Learn about my new book (not available yet) sharing my experiences as a celebrity makeup artist with Hollywood actors and my exclusive skincare line that celebrities won’t go on camera without.


Mirror Mirror: Confessions of Celebrity Make-up Artist

My new book (yet to be published) gives you a behind the scenes look at the real Hollywood. There are tons of funny stories I know you’ll love.


You Deserve Healthy, Glowing Skin

tJordan is an exclusive skincare line I use on all my celebrities before they go in front of the camera.

About Trista Jordan


Trista Jordan has worked with thousands of celebrities and contributed her expertise to over 50 feature films, staged events, live shows, television series, national commercials, and music videos, most notably the Macklemore hit “Downtown,” watched over 144 million times on YouTube. Her clients include: NBC, CBS, ABC, and every imaginable production entity. She has worked with Academy Award winners Cuba Gooding Jr., Vera Farmiga and Jared Leto; Golden Globe-winner Christian Slater; Golden Globe-nominated Ray Liotta and Christina Ricci; as well as the winner of several awards, Jessica Biel.

Book "MIRROR MIRROR: Confessions of a Celebrity Makeup Artist" coming soon!